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Without Victory

The Pentagon’s Achilles Heel

By Sara Flounders

155 Pages
ISBN 9780895671776


The U.S. military machine can destroy the world but it is not all-powerful.

While staying aware of its destructive capacity, we can expand our view if we also examine its weaknesses. The Pentagon’s Achilles’ heel lies within the contradictions of the capitalist system that created this monstrosity.

The U.S. military budget is larger than that of the rest of the world combined. But the guaranteed profits of military contracts and conquests can no longer resolve the fundamental problem of capitalist overproduction.

This selection of essays written as major political developments were unfolding will:

  • Evaluate the Pentagon’s inability to prevail in any struggle in this century, confirmed in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • Explain why terrifying U.S. weapons create more organized resistance than fear and submission.
  • Expose plans to loot every pool of accumulated funds — Social Security and Medicare — to bail out banks and fund military contracts.
  • Define the need to oppose all U.S. wars and not echo State Department lies.
  • Warn that as the U.S. loses its grip on a region, imperialism may risk all in a mad adventure to recoup its past position.
  • Alert us to the danger of a U.S. attack on Iran, greater now because of U.S. setbacks in Western and Central Asia.
  • Give perspective on opposing the 1% by building solidarity with all oppressed peoples and groups.